With respect and Admiration, to the people of Ballyhea!

A tribute to the Ballyhea Community

It is important to recognize the efforts and activities of other people around Ireland and I’d like to dedicate this article to briefly outlining the strong work of the Ballyhea community in rising against austerity.

On Sunday, the 28th of December an important event will take place. In the small rural community of Ballyhea, the 200th protest march against austerity will take place. That’s two hundred Sundays that a local community has banded together to march against the austerity measures imposed on Ireland by the European Central Bank. It comes across almost like a tradition now, but any tradition of standing against corruption, nepotism and austerity is to be admired and respected!

I know little outside of these protests aside from their long lasting impact on other people in Ireland and that’s what I’ll speak of. I remember on the 10th of November when Cork City came out to protest en masse against ‘Irish Water’ and of all the groups it was Ballyhea that received the largest round of applause from the people. There’s a simple reason to that. The solidarity expressed by the Ballyhea community for one another but also for the nation would defeat any cynic.

They are a great example that we should all earnestly follow. Communities tend to rally best when there are no overbearing political connotations and it is simply a true ‘people’s effort’.  I’d imagine that in this case it’s truer than ever before. Consistency, unity and a grim determination to triumph have ensured that the citizens of Ballyhea have shown themselves, every single week, 199 times and counting.

I’d simply like to take my hat off to them in respect and admiration. This is a truly great way for all communities to come forward. May we all learn from them!

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