Irish Matrushka.

russian doll final

When the Irish Free State was born the Irish Labour Party became the loyal opposition and from that day onwards began the collaborationist approach. It would be unfair however to state that at the beginning FF [Fianna Faíl] shared an identity with the Labour Party or Cumann na nGaedheal. FF truly did represent a large amount of Republican views and had the support of the IRA all the way until they received enough votes to be in government.

Upon stepping into government Republican values were shifted, moulded and changed to be as populist and all-encompassing as possible. The dynamic differences which would have split Cumann na nGaeheal, the Irish Labour Party and Fianna Faíl were slowly brushed aside as the necessity to win an election become dominant.

The policies of these three parties have slowly revealed themselves to be based on two things:

  • Rewarding their core electorate base with various privileges that mostly resemble a mafia structure wherein the candidate rewards his/her core voter lobbyists with state contracts or the ability to cash in on privatized sectors of what was formerly state owned (Irish Water, Bus Eireann/Air Coach, etc)
  • Pursuing policy that guarantees election regardless of ideology. So this one is quite simple and straightforward to identify. As international political and cultural trends change, so too will the policies of the establishment political parties. The establishment parties and indeed all populist parties will not actually commit to any particular ideology and simply pursue ‘social democracy’, this allows for flexibility and the promising of anything and everything.

This sort of political system closely resembles a Matrushka doll, a doll that has many layers of miniature dolls. The Irish Free State in embracing capitalism has in many ways eradicated ideological differences and substituted them with short term populist slogans which exist in parallel to a clientele system operated ‘under the table’.

The doll represents the reckless pursuit of power by dynastical elected officials whom will say or do whatever it takes to achieve power. It was during WWII that a Fine Gael TD stated that we must “rout the Jews out of this country”, no doubt referring to his disgusting past as a Hitlerite blueshirt!

This raises the question of whether it actually matters who we vote for, well the reality is that it depends who you vote for.  If you’re going to vote for the same parties that spawn from the established norm then you’re going to get the same result. But how can you ultimately change the destiny of your nation and defy the overwhelming odds? There is no doubt that the struggle for great societal change has always been an uphill battle but during economic decline there is a sliver of an opportunity to highlight the injustice of the established capitalist community.

When I made my choice to support the group I made it on the basis that their policies and ideology have been maintained for several decades, unchanging in the face of populism, terror, imprisonment, internment, torture and propaganda.

Ruthlessly criticize and scrutinize the party you have already promised your vote for – it may not be what it seems. The network of corruption in Ireland connects those who have their own best interests at heart and constantly and consciously act on those interests.

Always, question, everything.

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