The purpose of marriage is procreation; if you are not going to breed give your licence back! Hey No campaign – leave our kids alone

Another well written piece from Rebel City Writers, vote Yes to protect the civil liberties and rights of others!

Rebel City Writers

Ger Brennan

The All-Ireland winning Dublin GAA footballer Ger Brennan pictured in his GAA jersey (in case we did not understand how truly wholesome he is) has come out as a No Vote for Equality referendum and the Irish Independent has given it democratic coverage. He is entitled to his opinion and his moderate and gentle language seemed reasonable and gave many a commentator the strength to say they wanted to vote No. This is a democracy and that is fair enough. I may not like your stance but you have a right to it.

The questions it raised for me were troubling though. Every child deserves a mother and a father or in Gers emotive and warm turn of phrase a “mam and a dad”. The No campaign have firmly used the family as sacrosanct, as a shield from which to throw badly aimed pies at people who scare them and…

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70th Victory Anniversary

Seventy years ago Europe was shaking underneath the march of the Red Army as it made it’s way towards Germany and indeed Berlin. By the 9th of May or better known as Victory Day, Hitler had commit suicide and Germany had capitulated. All around the world celebrations were had, even in Ireland and much to the disagreement of the State and Church the red flag was hoisted above Trinity.

The sacrifice given in blood by the people of the Soviet Union will be one that no Western European will ever be able to comprehend. Almost every family in the USSR suffered a casualty or had somebody wounded, six million homes were destroyed, almost a hundred thousand farms, thirty thousand factories and finally over twenty million casualties from both the Red Army and civilians.

It is our duty as revolutionaries and those striving for change to never forget this sacrifice and continue to remind those around us. The forces of imperialism, nationalism and capitalism have committed themselves to re-writing the history of WWII so that it is their ‘democratic’ structures that defeated Nazi Germany and that the Soviet Union was on a parallel to Nazi Germany.

These are outrageous lies told to the masses in order to separate them from the ideas of LIBERTY, FRATERNITY and BROTHERHOOD. In order to cast doubt over the concepts of Socialism and subsequently Marxism and to wash away in false history the deaths of millions of people.

We, the people who have not fallen victims to the intense propaganda campaign will forever hold in our thoughts the victims of Nazism and those who valiantly fought to their last breath. We are the bulwark against revionism and we will keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War forever in our memories.

We hold the fallen soldiers, partisans and citizens up with high regard and continue to remain ever vigilant about the unrelenting attack on society by the forces of fascism.

Мы никогда не забудем свои долг Советскому народу, никогда.

The Conservative Party triumphs, the working class loses.

I think you have several illusions on the Conservative, I will elaborate.

1. They are “good for the economy”.

[In response to a supporter of the Conservative Party]
A common enough point to make about right wing parties but it has no basis in a capitalist society. Almost every establishment party has presided over economic growth and economic collapse, it’s called capitalism. When you had huge growth in the 1960s followed by collapse in the 1970s the conservative media pointed that this was the fault of the Labour Party conveniently leaving out that it was not a pandemic in the UK but an international recession.
As James correctly pointed out looking into the history of a party and indeed a political a movement you get an incredible insight into the future, the Conservative Party is built on the imperialism and capitalism of GB, two elements that Ireland is very familar with. The Party was known for having the wealthy elite aristocracy among it’s ranks and that has not changed, all one has to do is look at who donates to the Conservatives.

( Are we really going to pretend that they are donating from the goodness of their hearts or because the Conservative Party is good for business?

Indeed, the UK has had a huge markup of growing wealth inequality but that again like international recession is not a regional crisis but a global one. Ireland, the US, People’s Republic of China, etc have all experienced the same phenomenon.

UK wealth inequality:

It’s further highlighted by how “senior bosses” earn considerably more than their lowly counterparts and indeed the balance of income…

“Four in five new jobs are in sectors averaging under £16,640 for a 40-hour week. Working full-time on the £6.31 hourly minimum wage would gross just £13,124 in a year.

And an explosion of part-time jobs shows millions of workers can’t even earn that pittance.”

So when you say that the Conservative Party is good for the economy you’re right, they are good for the CEO’s, the large industries, the banks the insurance companies and many of the elected officials.
2. The Conservatives create “more opportunity”

I think the real question here is who do the Conservatives create “more opportunity” for? The numbers show that it’s the exceedingly wealthy that are having it well, but what about the people who are low income earners i.e the majority of people? What opportunity is created for them?
Due to mass immigration into the UK wages have been kept relatively the same and even pushed down in order to maintain profits for companies, this is something the Conservative (like Fine Gael) very happily facilitate because it’s good for business and importantly, good for the people that own these businesses! In this process Trade Unions are usually coerced or forced into collaboration or both therefore you not only have an attack on the living conditions of workers but also their representative organizations that try to defend their rights.
In order to enact privatization (a fundamental element of right wing politics / economics) cuts are made to various services that are funded by the State. As the service expires in quality it is then sold off under the guise of “saving it”, we see that the case with privatized services is that the price for said service expands dramatically. This happens because it’s turned into a business and exists for profit – this is once more detrimental to the regular person. A service provided before for a fair price with revenue going back to the state is now more expensive and the revenue is not going back to the state, loss-loss.
Your claim that the Conservative Party “creates opportunity” is half-true. It definitely creates opportunity for those who are wealthy enough to invest in collapsed prices across the board (most self made billionaires became rich by investing in things just after or during a recession).


On an anecotal reference for you, the Trade Union I am with has about 300-400 Home Helps and every day their hours are cut as further services to elderly people are sub-contracted. The HSE is doing this in order to make way for further privatization of this service and as explained above the loser is the person receiving the service.

Here’s another aspect of privatization:

3. The Conservative Party are liars, much like FF, FG and Labour

Catch all centrist parties tend to tell the electorate everything they want to hear, we saw the same in Ireland where FG and Labour ran on platforms about “transparency” and “justice” and all that other people like to lap up – as it has turned out this has been one of the most corrupt governments in a long time.
The UK’s parties are no different and the above link is a good illustration of that. A party that lies is not interested in the welfare of the people it is lying too. Dishonesty out of power will inevitably culminate with dishonesty in power.
Now realistically this is only the very tip of the iceberg and a scratch at the service, never mind the disgusting bombing of Libya and the support rendered to fundamentalists in Syria (that’s of a longer running theme of unquestionable obedience to the US).

So I suppose if you are “delighted” for a party that crushes the average person, takes money and services away from them through a variety of measures and redistributes this wealth to the top then whether you like that is a negative reflection of you – because you are consciously voting for a party that is committing these acts. Your vote is an endorsement of what they do. The Conservative Party represent their funders, i.e the extremely wealthy capitalist class of the UK.

Reflections on R2W conference document.

In writing this I am representing only my views, not of the organizations I am affiliated with.

Original document:

Click to access 111930_12796_R2W-Unions_Policies_A5.pdf

I will break up each principle and pin-point things that I’m not entirely happy with – data that I’ve left out is largely premises that I agree with.  I can particularly applaud the commitment to free water and sanitation for all by need.

  1. Right2Water – the general outline of this is quite good actually but I must raise two points of interest: a) The creation of a new national board that will oversee water provision and sanitation and b) “This policy (referencing the R2W policy) for an investment between 6 and 7 billion to be provided through a progressive taxation model, details of which will be published on June 13th 2015”. What I believe Right2Water in these principles should be renamed to is “Right2Ireland” while the campaign name remains “Right2Water” – this principle would advocate that all natural resources of Ireland should have only one key beneficiary: the people of Ireland.

What these pieces seem to suggest is that there will be an abolition of ‘Irish Water’ as we know it and the recreation of another body that will largely fill the same hole. Furthermore it will be funded by ‘progressive taxation’ which implies to me that a charge for water will be added to everybody’s taxation thus the water charge is not really abolished but simply re-worded.

  1. Right2Jobs & Decent Work – It does not talk about the various rackets run by the State at the moment or the ones that are “coming soon”, such as: JobBridge, JobsPlus, Gateway, etc. All of which are worded in the same way and contain the same objective, the state providing “employment”. The piece does indeed sound like a partnership deal that would once more delegate the power of representation to large trade unions filled with bureaucrats rather than workers themselves. A far-reaching Decent Work Act would also need the agreement of large businesses – so what if a government cannot secure this agreement, there seems to be nothing that exists to back the initial principle up. Furthermore, capitalist society often circumvents increased wages by simply pushing up the prices for everything, example is rent.
  1. Right2Housing – One I largely agree with, it includes the introduction of rent control and the allotment of social housing. It should also include the nationalization of ghost estates / buildings that are standing still and the refusal to grant construction permits to construction tycoons on the basis that the property market is already flooded. Landlordism is something that has to actively be challenged and undermined, as the document itself states the right to housing is a basic right and therefore must be taken out of the sphere of profiteering.
  1. Right2Health – My biggest concern with these remains is that it is effectively a lot of progressive terminology but nothing concrete. Commitments must be made to stop sub-contracting and return all services to the HSE. Commitments must be made to protect GP’s in rural areas. The health services (like natural resources) should be enshrined in the Irish constitution.
  1. Right2Debt Justice – There should be no renegotiation of anything, repudiate a debt that is not ours and encourage other peripheral nations that have had the debt dumped on them to do the same. This should accompany the nationalization of all banks operating out of the 26 counties or registered in Ireland. Low income earners / those with one home would have their debt wiped out completely. Property tax would be abolished.
  1. Right2Education – In principle it’s acceptable but I think implementation of policy would be on a whole different level. It’s very broad and can be interpreted and re-interpreted. Schools should be made secular and the role of the Church taken out.
  1. Right2Democratic Reform – The abolition of the County Manager / Executive is integral to democratization and empowerment of local communities. There is no mention of the reformation of the Senate or the Presidency, both of which are huge burdens on the tax payer but offer not a lot in return. Strengthening the Senate and democratizing its selection process to the point where Senators are directly elected. I applaud the right of recall as well as what is called ‘Citizens Initiatives’ i.e x amount of signatures triggers either a referendum or a forced debate in the Dáil.
  1. I think an additional point should place a focus on the excesses of Irish society in the payment sector and how this can be addressed. By excesses I mean the extortionate rates of pay and pension that are being enjoyed across the board. Maximum pay across the public sector is something to look into immediately. Maximum pay ought to also include trade unions.
  1. The Church should have all “benefits” and “perks” removed from the purse of the tax payer and raise money for itself. Church and State are separate and should remain separate; the State cannot be seen funding a single religion in any format.
  1. Excessive pensions ought to be diminished dramatically and revised in cases of people that are complicit in the economic terrorism inflicted on Ireland.
  1. Any R2W document must place the blame squarely where it belongs so that the electorate does not forget nor can it be bribed. The undemocratic institutions of the EU, the parties Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Labour Party.

Concluding note

There are many progressive features here and are incredibly welcomed, don’t get me wrong. The fact that there’s discussion about progressive elements such as this is already a massively welcome development, but – as the saying goes you either go the inch or the mile and I think in this case for real far reaching and long lasting reform you need to go the mile. In order to do so reform must be wide and deep within the economic and political spheres, otherwise it will simply be re-reformed by another right-wing government.