70th Victory Anniversary

Seventy years ago Europe was shaking underneath the march of the Red Army as it made it’s way towards Germany and indeed Berlin. By the 9th of May or better known as Victory Day, Hitler had commit suicide and Germany had capitulated. All around the world celebrations were had, even in Ireland and much to the disagreement of the State and Church the red flag was hoisted above Trinity.

The sacrifice given in blood by the people of the Soviet Union will be one that no Western European will ever be able to comprehend. Almost every family in the USSR suffered a casualty or had somebody wounded, six million homes were destroyed, almost a hundred thousand farms, thirty thousand factories and finally over twenty million casualties from both the Red Army and civilians.

It is our duty as revolutionaries and those striving for change to never forget this sacrifice and continue to remind those around us. The forces of imperialism, nationalism and capitalism have committed themselves to re-writing the history of WWII so that it is their ‘democratic’ structures that defeated Nazi Germany and that the Soviet Union was on a parallel to Nazi Germany.

These are outrageous lies told to the masses in order to separate them from the ideas of LIBERTY, FRATERNITY and BROTHERHOOD. In order to cast doubt over the concepts of Socialism and subsequently Marxism and to wash away in false history the deaths of millions of people.

We, the people who have not fallen victims to the intense propaganda campaign will forever hold in our thoughts the victims of Nazism and those who valiantly fought to their last breath. We are the bulwark against revionism and we will keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War forever in our memories.

We hold the fallen soldiers, partisans and citizens up with high regard and continue to remain ever vigilant about the unrelenting attack on society by the forces of fascism.

Мы никогда не забудем свои долг Советскому народу, никогда.

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