The purpose of marriage is procreation; if you are not going to breed give your licence back! Hey No campaign – leave our kids alone

Another well written piece from Rebel City Writers, vote Yes to protect the civil liberties and rights of others!

Rebel City Writers

Ger Brennan

The All-Ireland winning Dublin GAA footballer Ger Brennan pictured in his GAA jersey (in case we did not understand how truly wholesome he is) has come out as a No Vote for Equality referendum and the Irish Independent has given it democratic coverage. He is entitled to his opinion and his moderate and gentle language seemed reasonable and gave many a commentator the strength to say they wanted to vote No. This is a democracy and that is fair enough. I may not like your stance but you have a right to it.

The questions it raised for me were troubling though. Every child deserves a mother and a father or in Gers emotive and warm turn of phrase a “mam and a dad”. The No campaign have firmly used the family as sacrosanct, as a shield from which to throw badly aimed pies at people who scare them and…

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