Soviet solution to Venezuela.

Just from my reading of Soviet history, an interesting point. In 1927 Stalin made the first speech regarding collectivization of agriculture to Siberian Party officials. Essentially up until this point, the New Economic Policy had created a new class of rich peasants who hoarded grain and waited for the Soviet state to adjust prices according to demand. They fixed the prices by waiting for them to increase by withholding grain.

The Party decided that the best way to resolve this at first was to seize grain, this didn’t work and it was repealed almost a year later. But in this speech in 1927, Stalin made a turn on party strategy. The decision was made to prepare for collectivizing farms, that the state would operate them and that there would be no more grain hoarding because it would not be the private NEP orientated peasant who cultivated the farm and tilled the soil but the state.

After agricultural collectivization was complete there was no more famines in the USSR.

The note that is interesting is that in Venezuela a similar series of events transpired. The rich peasants and industrialists withheld huge amounts of resources in their private warehouses to drive up the prices of various goods. They let food spoil, they destroyed food etc, just so that the price would go up and the regime was destabilized.

The difference being is that the government in Venezuela didn’t take concise action on this question but just hung in the middle of it all and allowed them to do this resulting in the current crisis happening in Venezuela. Moral of the story?

Don’t let the bourgeois organize if the objective aim is a Socialist society.