Basic Material Analysis

You’d think that when Islamic jihadists and fundamentalists carry out terror attacks in the Western world, the governments in the West would cut funding to them in the ME. But we must acknowledge and realize that the Western Axis has a political disposition which relies on Islamic fundamentalism


In fact, it would be fair to say Islamic fundamentalism forms a key role of Western strategy in the ME and we can look through a variety of historical examples for this. A contemporary and particularly ruthless one is the Iran-Iraq war. Both sides received weapons and informal (and even sometimes formal) aid from the United States. It served US interest to break down two of the largest populated Muslim countries and make sure they were completely opposed to one another.


Therefore the correct argument in that historical situation would have been to first and foremost oppose outside meddling in the affairs of Iran-Iraq and secondly to oppose their quite theocratic war.In the case of Afghanistan, where a CIA funded Mujahadeen overthrew a progressive and semi-secular government, the same can be said. Islamic fundamentalists formed the general basis of realpolitik in the ME.In Syria, the situation is no different. Long-standing hostile relations between the ME countries aligned to the West and Syria contributed greatly to this. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have played a significant role in directly aiding and abetting terrorists to destabilize their political opponent. Therefore the correct line on this question is to oppose outside the basis of foreign intervention in Syria.If the terrorists, rebels and whoever else did not have outside support – they would not have existed for so long and the war would have been shorted, therefore less devastation would have been caused, less people would have become homeless and refugees and there would have been far less casualties.
The funding that the Western Axis and it’s allies provides is fundamental to the continuation of the Syrian war and has largely little to nothing to do with Russia.Those who argue that the government falling will provide some sort of democratic revival are being fooled, fooling themselves and only developing the impetus for an outright invasion of Syria, in blunt terms, objectively supporting imperialism.

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