Future of Marxism in Ireland

I think there are several manifestations of Marxist orientated political parties in Ireland right now because it has slowly been creeping into broader circles for over seven decades now.

Since 1936 and the formation of the Republican Congress and onwards, Marxism has made great headway in wider social movements though not in a way that has definitively defined them (many of them are still more green than red so to speak). But my observations as a non-native are as follows:
The Church is at it’s weakest moment in Irish history since inception and the social consciousness of the working class is at bursting point. Capitalism is lurching from crisis to crisis in Ireland and political parties & organizations which commit themselves to even the most abstract of ‘Socialism’ are growing and developing.

I think the future is bright but we have a very difficult struggle ahead of us as social democratic movements are able to capture thee generally liberal population and recruit them into their ranks. Ireland has had extremism but the education system softens the blow of this extremism to the point that people come out thinking they are somehow “in the middle” despite perpetuating the capitalist system as is. I think the battle is among young people, young workers and students and if we begin to change the consciousness of the future workers and working class we will see a shift in national direction and understanding with regards to politics as we see it.

It’s a historic task and an important one.

Additionally Ireland is a country which experiences several different forms of imperialism, the finance capital of the US,the finance capital of the EU and direct occupation of a part of it (Ulster) by a foreign power. So this all has to be unraveled as well in the struggle for Socialism.