Thought of the day

Marxism is not just a political outlook, it’s a counter-culture to the hegemonic basis on which the bourgeois have built themselves up. It’s a challenge to the culture, to the ideals, to the societal structures and to the goals. It is a synthesis to these things and an alternative. It is not enough to simply say “I am a Marxist and therefore progressive”, you must also reject the foundations of capitalist society alongside with it and struggle for a complete re-orientation of society.

I find leftists who meander about political positions as if it’s a pick and mix bag of jelly beans to be repulsive. Marxism demands consistent analysis to function and make sense. You cannot for instance advocate war in Syria by imperialist proxies while be an ‘anti-capitalist’ at home. You cannot for instance claim to be a Marxist but then utilize the historiography of bourgeois culture, this is an eternal contradiction. We are working for a better world but in order to start doing that we must question every pillar that upholds bourgeois-capitalist society and ask ourselves:

What would these look like as working class pillars?

9th July


When we deal with the question of parliamentary politics, I find it best to think of it simply. Imagine for a moment that it is a board game. Every board game has a set of rules.

In capitalist society, the capitalist write all the rules. Subsequently the political structures uphold their rules because they are the creators and initiators of said structures. They have developed these rules to benefit themselves. They have manufactured this ‘board game’ with only one goal in mind: to triumph.

As far a Communists should be concerned, electoral victory comes second to the development of the working class as an entity and working class organizations as vehicles to the development of class power.

 12th July

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