Thoughts on the concept of justice.

Conceive the idea of justice, what does it mean to you and how do you foresee it being acted upon? The historical basis of the judiciary system almost always exclusively depended on the reigning political system. The reigning political system was underpinned by an economic system. In the Roman Republic and subsequently Empire, the ruling Senate class enacted justice in a way that benefited them. In the medieval ages, justice stemmed from the monarch and downwards. It took the form that which was shaped by the ruler.

In the era of Reformation and the great divide in the Roman Catholic Church, justice took a curve towards Christian doctrine. Subsequently when the merchant class overthrew the old feudal order and began to lurch into the industrial revolution, the judicial system reflected the political and the political mirrored the economic. Child labour was made legal while the exploitation of developing or low wage economies with weaker infrastructure was encouraged.

Justice therefore is bound to the societal structures which uphold the political status-quo and therefore the economic one. What sort of justice therefore can we expect in a decadent capitalist society ruled by individualism and social fascists?

If we treat a significant portion of our day to day necessities as commodities then subsequently we have to pay for them in one form or another. If we have to pay for them then that places them in the position where taking them without payment will likely result in punitive measures. Where therefore does justice lie in a capitalist society? Where does justice fall down upon?

In a capitalist society, justice falls down upon the side of the landlord, the employer, the industrialist and the banker. The legislation that is enforced by the police and armed forces is that which upholds the capitalist class. Justice therefore is merely an extension of the rule of the capitalist class, an instrument by which to keep the worker bent and broken.

In understanding the vague term ‘justice’ has in capitalist society we must substantiate and understand it as an extension of the rule of the bourgeois. In doing so, we must therefore be creative in our approach and begin to consider what will the justice of the working class look like? If we are to truly achieve a dictatorship of the proletariat, how will our justice look like and whom will enact it?

The process by which the capitalist class enforce their rule against the worker, a minority versus a majority, a wealthy, tiny elite versus an impoverished and frustrated mass will be undone. In obtaining a workers state, justice will then be a reflection of the newly achieved workers power. Commodities of the former bourgeois society will gain status as human rights. A workers state will guarantee a workers democracy and by extension workers rights – justice will therefore rain down upon those who seek to subvert worker power.