Social democracy does not lead to Socialism.

Social democracy is not a vehicle for Socialism.

We are inundated with a political culture that demands we respect the established normalities of bourgeois conventions and capitalist rules and legislation. To adopt social democracy as a legitimate vehicle is to suspend legal or illegal methods of securing working class supremacy. For what is social democracy but a framework for the capitalist class to mislead us? What is it, if not a deceitful and dishonest way of maintaining control?

Examine social democracy scientifically and in a Marxist analysis. Understand and identify it’s boundaries. What are it’s boundaries, can they be broken and if so, what are the consequences of them broken? Which class rules in a social democracy i.e who holds the reigns of the means of production and mode of production? To whose favour is the legislation written?

All these questions are the ones we must ask. What levers of political power does social democracy foster which favour the working class to progress into Socialism, or do they at all? We see that private property, enterprise, privatization are all corner stone aspects to social democrats and liberals. They are almost inseparable from one another. Social democracy upholds the fundamental idea that the capitalist class has a right to exist and a right to politically express itself, thereby ensuring their continued hegemony over society and the structures which govern and organize society.

Social democracy does not initiate a challenge to capitalism because they can function perfectly within each others remit and as a consequence social democracy cannot challenge capitalism. It creates a series of structures which try to reconcile the power of capitalism and the working class, inevitably however we know this is impossible. Capitalism must exploit, grow and consume, it cannot be contained. Profit must be generated and developed.

Social democracy not only fails to safeguard against the onslaught of capital, it is neither capable of challenging fascism or stopping it either. We see this historically as a variety of countries fell to the onslaught of Fascism. They crumbled, as fascist movements exploited the timid and weak nature of social democracy to grow. From an economic perspective, fascism only enhanced the power of capital and the ruling class. It partnered with the industrialists to roll over the working class in every way possible. It effectively armed the ruling class, not just with the classic state apparatus but also with paramilitary forces. In Russia they were the ‘Black Hundreds’, in Nazi Germany the brown shirts, in Spain the Falangists, and so on.

This is the role social democracy plays in contemporary society. It attempts to portray Socialism and Fascism as two extremes whereas in reality the metric that we should examine is different. Social democracy is closer to fascism than being ‘in the middle’. It is the left hand of capitalism whilst fascism in the right; both institute the power of finance capital just with different flavours. It is also worth noting that fascism is worse, for it is an enhancement of the power of capital and the bourgeois, but that does not make social democracy more amenable, acceptable or reformable. We should strive to do away with it and institute actual functioning democracy which takes care of the material needs of the working class.

In putting social democracy aside as a vehicle to Socialism, we should elaborate on what kind of vehicle we require and how we should form it and develop it’s structures. If we are to disregard social democracy as an option, then surely we should also disregard the options it has on the table in terms of political power and development. After all, the methods that exist within social democracy are purely for the sake misleading the working class. Is there true democratic expression in ticking a ballot box every few years? Is there any real display of peoples interests, concerns or power in the disgustingly dishonest elections which come about?

What of the homeless, the hungry, the deprived and the unemployed? What democratic rights do they enjoy in their daily struggles? Do they have a right to recourse for their ills and woes which are often caused by negligent legislating?

In highlighting these issues we must not fall into simply becoming critics, but also becoming thinkers and elaborate on what could potentially be a solution to the plight of our people. The development of political power and structures outside the remit of social democratic norms is the first and one of the most important steps to consider. It’s not about presenting an electoral challenge to Fine Gael (this is certainly good too) – it is about presenting a challenge to the powers which underpin Fine Gael, to the capitalists that promote it and empower it. If we sever the head of this hydra it won’t grow a head back but flounder and buckle. It is the ruling class which governs Ireland for it’s own interests, the landlords, the commercial institutions, the bankers, the industrialists, the Church and the big farmers! So it is the ruling class that we must fight face on, rather than their messengers spouting drivel in the Dail! It is the ruling class we must confront every step of the way; not merely to develop the consciousness of the working masses of Ireland but also to do damage to them.

They strip us of dignity every day. Forcing us to prostitute our bodies and our minds in the form of selling our labour. They give us the scraps from their table and expect us to be delighted with these scraps. We should place the whole of Ireland and it’s material wealth before the working class of Ireland and tell them boldly: THIS IS YOURS – ALL YOU MUST DO IS RISE UP AND GRASP IT!

It is only in this way that we will be able to challenge capital and raise consciousness. For if we can revolutionize the minds of our people we can revolutionize their hearts and therefore their actions. If we can permanently raise the consciousness of even a portion of the people of Ireland we can successfully divert them from the parasitical parties and bring them to the inevitable confrontation and battle with the capitalist class of Ireland. One blow at a time we will strike at the weakest links in the chain and empower ourselves. We will empower ourselves differently to say, the election of parliamentary or council representatives. We will empower ourselves in a way where the ruling class is unable to strip us of our power in any shape or form or control the framework of our discourse.

In the Dail, in the council chambers etc it is still the institutions of the State and subsequently of the bourgeois which govern and dominate the rules and legislations. Why should we further grant them legitimacy by participating in their game? Let us not. Let us see a greater vision and strive for it. People power cannot be undone through a failure to elect a representative for as I have outlined previously the development of consciousness is practically irreversible. It cannot be undone and once the people move to a point where they deem and recognize injustice as inherently systemic; no amount of bread crumbs will satisfy their hunger.

The brief conclusion that can be drawn is very simple. Social democratic states and societies accommodate capitalism and are therefore unreliable. Political power built within the parameters of liberal thought can be undone, working class power once established is a mighty bastion, independent of normal social democratic conventions and therefore partially immune to them.

How can a bourgeois parliament immobilize a movement that is not represented in it’s structures? It cannot silence it’s speakers for there are none; it cannot imprison or punish them for they do not recognize it’s authority or subscribe to its rules. It is fairly clear that the Soviets in the young Soviet Republic and further down exemplified the stripping of power of a social democratic-constitutional monarchist state and transferred the supreme political power to the working class. That is what we must strive for, that is our struggle, that is our goal.

To victory or to death!

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