I don’t think SF as a political party and institution view the European Union as a negative, imperialist entity and to that do not contribute to the discussion when questioned of it being an imperialist entity.
I think that from reviewing the direction SF is currently going it seems to me that SF has changed or relaxed it’s political analysis of the EU because most people north and south of the border have a very positive view of it and in order to secure votes and power in government SF has taken a step back from lambasting the EU as something completely incompatible for Ireland to something that must be reformed.
Now I have discussed this in great detail with a fair few members of SF and they say it’s critical engagement, ok, perhaps – but actively campaigning the perks and benefits of the EU especially the route of advocating that a remain vote is the best path to unity, or that EU funding is a boon for the North etc are all highly dubious positions to take.
You say you are realists, what is unrealistic about advocating for an IREXIT and a united Ireland? Why can’t Ireland be united outside the EU on it’s own terms as judged by the people and more importantly the working class of Ireland? Why take the easy route that demands and requires capitulation to the EU?
Liberty, sovereignty, independence – all of these topics are not something that I don’t see SF discussing in the context of EU membership. Yer banging on about the hard border when soft or hard the occupation of 6 counties will continue by the British State and we will be no closer to the liberation and emancipation of our class in the EU.

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