What we must be.

Inspired by my comrades in the Connolly Youth Movement.


We look down history and rejoice. Those who felt their convictions meant everything truly rose up for them. In their pursuit of liberty and for a more harmonious society they rose up and met the challenges capitalism and the ruling class placed before them. Shackle after shackle, the militants of the great army of Lenin liberated themselves. The most oppressed people of the world, who had never even imagined liberty now stood as masters of their worlds. From the great steppes in the East, to the vast jungles of Latin America, revolutionaries rose up. In the name of hope they rose up to realize their greatest desires, not just for themselves but for many of the generations that would come after them as well.

The pages of history books are dotted with the red flag being flown from treetop to apartment block, from the hands of babes to the hands of the elderly, it is our crimson flag that has flown over the most vicious of struggles and the most hopeful of ideals. That crimson flag, soaked in the blood in the martyrs of the workers cause flies here in Ireland too and the ideals, the visions the hope that the revolutionaries all over the world had, we have too.

We have a vision in our minds and in our hearts. It is what gives us joy and unites us as comrades. It is the driving force behind our chants and our efforts, the energy that brings us out of bed to fight in a new day. It is in many ways something inexplicable in it’s glory but at the same time very much there before us. As Communists we transform our idealism, our hope, our visions into reality. We develop practical solutions that liberate humanity from the yoke of oppression and wipe away the greed, individualism and selfishness that continues to pollute our societies.

It is our love for a more humane world that ultimately drives us and creates heroes out of the most ordinary of people. For if we carry the red flag, if we realize our ambitions in the material conditions we are given. Our struggle resembles one we have voluntarily undertaken in the knowledge that it may bring us into confrontation with the most powerful of forces. But it is worth everything.

We must be courageous in our convictions if they are to succeed. We must be our own heroes.

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