You can ignore politics – it won’t ignore you.

You can ignore politics – but it won’t ignore you.


Our generation of young people, particularly those born in the 1990s are politically estranged. The education system, as Padraig Pearse called it is a murder machine, a murder machine of thought and intellectual self-development. We are taught that what we have is acceptable, agreeable and we should work within its confines, We should accept the limitations of the framework that has been given to us even if it’s killing our communities, our families and our friends.


The attitude that is developed in schools, in universities and in the general approach to politics is that it is some sort of alienable object that you can put inside your cupboard when you’re bored with it or alternatively withdraw it when you’re ready to engage. It’s neither. Politics is like the air for it is all around you. When you walk through the street and see a homeless person, this is the culmination of political decisions. When you see the police beat protesters, this is a consequence of the political choices made above you.


You can ignore politics and pretend that it holds no interest to you and perhaps this is true. Perhaps until you are thrown on the street or your family has to skip meals you will never understand the consequences of the blueshirt regime until it descends upon them.


It is of immediate importance that you take a keener look into the political on-goings in Ireland. The privatization of our natural resources has gone through unabated with sporadic challenges here and there. Ireland continues to, through Shannon Airport facilitate US imperialism around the world. Ireland has socialized the banking debt, i.e transferring it from the pockets of private developers to the pocket of the tax payer. House repossessions continue in Ireland at a rate worse than ever seen before. There are 3,000 homeless children and over 8,000 homeless people in total in Ireland.


The idea that we’re on a road to recovery is firmly being pushed out by all establishment parties and the echo chamber that is RTE. It is a lie and our people, our working people continue to be pushed further into the ground.


Walk down the streets of Cork, Limerick or Dublin. Look up how many people had to access food banks at Christmas in 2016. All these things stand as blemishes on our society and as continued reminders of the people we have failed and continue to fail.


We need to be politically active. We need to be politically conscious. We need to be mobilized, organized and agitated.

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