Be unafraid.


It is the standard in the West to undermine, castigate and even throw out those who seek to challenge the social and economic balance. This balance, so delicately maintained by the ruling class is one which oppresses us as workers. It robs us of our culture, our dignity and our very sense of being. It is the force that we must fight, yet we must ask ourselves, how do we fight it?

From when we workers are babes, we are robbed of the world and of our place in it and when we seek to reclaim we are branded as enemies. Everything that we do for our liberation, both economic and social is considered outrageous. It is outrageous; it is outrageous to the ruling class propped up by social fascists and liberals. It is outrageous to conceive, for those who sit atop the plunder they have robbed from the working class to imagine us, as workers having a sense of identity. Yet we have it, we yearn for it, we live it.

The political convictions of the Communist are worth more than any prized possession on earth. Yet, they challenge the foundations of the world we live and therefore are portrayed as inhumane and as disgusting. Communists are dehumanized in every worst way imaginable. Yet every slur, every lie and every attack only fortifies our courage to continue to regain what has been taken from us.

What the ruling class fear the most is our capacity to love life and therefore struggle for our place in the world. They will attempt everything before giving in and we must know this when we go on the march to a free and Socialist society. So comrades, be unafraid to stand for your convictions for you will only get one opportunity to do so. You will only get that one single moment to express your love for humanity underneath our crimson flag. The beauty and prospect of a new world awaits us and no matter you are told: be unafraid to stand for your passion for a future free of injustice and inequality.

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