Republican Reading [Basic]

Not an exhaustive list of books by any measure but enough to get anybody started and familiar. You can acquire the vast majority:





Labour, Nationality and Religion by James Connolly

The Re-conquest of Ireland by James Connolly

Labour Nationality and Religion by James Connolly

Socialism Made Easy by James Connolly

Life of Wolfe Tone by Thomas Bartlett


James Connolly lays the foundations of Socialist Republican theory for Ireland with an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist grasp of the material conditions of Ireland in the early 20th century. James Connolly perfectly outlines the role of the Church, the national bourgeois (who only want to become the new ruling class of Ireland rather than participate in the liberation of the Irish people). James Connolly and his analysis forms the crux of virtually every political organisation subscribed to Socialist Republican/Marxist politics in Ireland.


Fianna Fail and Irish Labour by Kieran Allenn

The IRA 1926-1936 by Brian Hanley

The Lost Revolution by Brian Hanley and Scott Millar

Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution by C Desmond Greaves

Tom Barry by Meda Ryan

The Provisional IRA: From insurrection to parliament

Sean Murray: Marxist-Leninist and Irish Socialist Republican

Theobald Wolfe Tone and the Irish Nation


This should really give the reader a general overview of Socialist Republican ideas and subsequently inform the reader on the various events post-civil war and developments within the IRA and Republican movement.


2 thoughts on “Republican Reading [Basic]

  1. For a sound basic history read “Ireland her Own” by T.A. Jackson, a British Communist who was a devoted follower of Connolly and reportedly went to pieces over his execution. It goes right back and i think it is still probably the best introduction yo Irish history.Then the excellent biography of Connolly by Desmond Greaves. From the Provo side, “The IRA” by Tim Pat Coogan. Just as an aside, it was an Irishman, Conor Cruise O’Brien who wrote “To Katanga and Back” a brilliant exposure of the filthy role that the UN played in Congo in 1960 and 1961 — O’Brien was working for the UN during this period. Marx also wrote on Ireland and was a supporter of the Fenians.


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