Commentary on Presidential Election 2019.

The up and coming election reveals a few things, all of which are receiving a great amount of much needed discussion.

Firstly, the entire process is undemocratic.  The people cannot initiate nor nominate somebody from among the population, no such mechanism exists. 20 members of the Oireachtas or 4 local authorities. How does this involve the population? It does not. It is designed to keep the mob out from the gilded halls of Irish politics and ensure a voice of dissidence cannot even be nominated.


Secondly, the refusal by local authorities and the Oireachtas to nominate candidates seeking nominations is angering various individuals and groups and rightly so. If the process to obtain a nomination in the first place is unfair, then this undermines the entirety of the process.  Realistically the opportunity to run for President should not just theoretically be open to all above the age of 35 (even this I have issue with) but also on a mechanical level.  That is to say that somebody who is not agreeable to the Oireachtas or to local authorities should be able to run.


Finally, the subject of Gemma O’Doherty. This person has controversial views on several subjects while being a fierce and well established critique of the state. Several political parties (PBP-Solidarity and SF) have refused to nominate her for the presidency. In the eyes of workers who have supported her this 1) Confirms points mentioned above, that only somebody in a party can run and 2) Exposes the fact that current/former members of these Trotskyist cults did not receive the political education from their parties to actually grasp the dynamics of this phony electoral process therefore their outrage is limited only towards point 1 contained herein.


This exposes the very real danger of over-emphasis on electoral politics and the absence of developing a very real Marxist programme that can overthrow the socio-economic system of capitalism. A  political party that loses members because it does not nominate somebody broadly anti-establishment is certainly not a political party that is good but more so whether it is a Leftist party. The programme that the Communist Party of Ireland and the Connolly Youth Movement bring is not designed to trick the workers into voting for us in parliamentary and bourgeois elections,  We intend to mobilize the workers to make concrete material gains, help understand the systemic issues within capitalism and ultimately march to it’s defeat and overthrow therefore when we are asked: Who do we support in this election or other? We canvass and support for none, for no amount of electoral victories in this current conjecture in time will deliver the demands of the working class.


We need to bring the power of the union back.

We need to smash the landlord class on a local and national level.


Power to all the people!