Rebuttal to Trotskyist nonsense.

On Republicanism and SF:

Whether the SP desires it or not and we know they do not for SF is their main electoral rival for votes, SF comprises and represents the broader republican movement in Ireland. It is true there are dissident organisations and other republican organisations but SF would be the major republican organisation even if on a purely numerical level and like all large vehicles of republicanism in Ireland has within it representations of the left and right divides as the republican movement always had. The claim from members of the SP that the CPI supports SF is a fabrication of our position. What the CPI’s position actually is by and large the same position it had in the 1970s, 1930s and 1920s when the CPI consistently engaged with the IRA: To politicize the left leaning members (Mellows, Peadar O’Donnell, etc) and exploit the contradictions within the Republican movement by injecting the social/class question. What does this translate to on a practical level? Does the CPI support the austerity policies of SF in the North? Nope and a quick read of Socialist Voice the organ of the Communist Party of Ireland will find multitudes of articles critiquing SF. Does the CPI communicate with SF? Yes. Does the CYM communicate with SF? Yep to that as well for we are of the view that Ogra SF is no different to the mother party and contains progressive elements within it. I cannot speak for how the CPI create their political strategy but I know that if the CYM present a programme and that if others find it agreeable (be they SF, Social Democrats, Greens, SP,, SWP) then we are happy for them to join forces with us on a case by case basis in these instances. In our view, this is precisely what it means to give leadership and act as the vanguard.

Secondly – the claims made about “critical support” are complete and unfiltered garbage. The SP utilized the images of Bernie Sanders to attempt to attract people who held him in high regard themselves. The same reason Paul Murphy flew to Greece and the same reason you lend support to the Corbyn project. The distinction to be drawn here is that you masquerade all of these actions as “critical support” and apply a blanket answer to what are three different unique states. In Greece the KKE stood firmly against Syriza and in the US the Marxist Leninist movement (comprising several parties) denounced Sanders for what he was: a fraud. Because the SP has literally no shame in how it jumps on bandwagons and the tail end of the working class movement, you utilize everything you can to your advantage, in other words a highly cynical and opportunist tactic.

On the national question the SP is a pathetic caricature of itself. It is not a secret that Connolly is held in some hostility internally, this of course all from former SP members who tell us the ins and outs of your rancid anti Republican views. It is not sectarian to demand a break with the British state, it is not sectarian to orientate the class struggle in this way and neither is it “stageist”, whatever that even means in this context. The re-unification of Ireland will come about and there won’t be a revolution in that period because neither the conditions nor the balance of forces render that a possibility, that is a materialist analysis of the current conditions, delaying the re-unification of Ireland and seeing the expulsion of British troops and obstructing it is aiding and abetting partition.

This is largely the same outrageous arguement that Daniel De Leon postured and the fabricated Iron Law of Wages – perhaps we should stop struggling for better working conditions because that is “stageist”? How about tenancy and housing rights, “stageist” too? Doesn’t Solidarity jointly release a budget with PBP, “stageist” much? There is a unique reason the Connolly Youth Movement in Belfast has managed to develop it’s membership roughly in a 50:50 way because our focus is to demonstrate that big house unionism, British imperialism, Westminster, Dublin, Stormont etc are not institutions of the working class but of the ruling class and all have to be smashed.

You claim to have been at the housing march, yet you are either deaf or deliberately did not reference the speech I made which carried these exact connotations:

On your organisation of “whats next?” and selling newspapers. These are ritualistic elements of your organisation that you do because you don’t know what to do as a party. You don’t have a direction or a strategy for revolution which is why the fundamental conditions of Ireland do not change even if your party grows and amasses resources ( That is why I am critiquing it, not because I fundamentally think selling newspapers is foolish even if it looks hilarious, but because it does not work. The “Whats Next” meetings are amusing as well, there is one for every subject and they too, like the newspaper selling don’t actually seem to reach people, then again, when did sitting in meeting rooms and presenting the holy gospel from the top of the room ever yield the desired results?

Regarding us chanting our chant about Ho Chi Minh – as outlined above I delivered a speech that had nothing to do with any of your accusations and forgive us if we have a sense of humour, perhaps you should consider getting one too. You continue to highlight how “irrelevant” the Barracks is, yet if it is so irrelevant why is just about every left wing youth group in Ireland aware of it? Why does it consistently receive so much attention, be it negative or positive? Why is that?

Connolly Barracks represents a project achieved by a very small organisation that has recently come back in four years, an achievement that has been made without winning a single ballot box and receiving zero state funding via elected officials – all off the back of our members. The Barracks has housed homeless people and served as an organisational hub for political activism in the area and has a much larger role being outlined and prepared for it, in fact it represents how a squat should be done properly – perhaps you should take notes?

I have no idea why you keep mentioning 28 years when I said in my post we’re only back for 4 years. The last 28 years reflect very poorly on the Trotskyist movement though while the last 4 paint a very different picture of the CPI-CYM.

I do not know which member told you that regarding Stalin and dabbed but that is idiotic and will be looked into, though I suspect he likely knew you were an SP member and was taking the piss out of you. Can one blame him?

Your comment about the Western historiography of WWII reveals much about your organisations continued parroting of Cold War propaganda, I would recommend you read Professor Roberts or Dr. Michael Parenti on these subjects instead who utilizing the most up to date information paint a significantly different picture.

Regarding the CPI in NI, could you propose an alternative line to fighting fascism in a workplace setting? Perhaps the workers should have stopped working and ceased providing munitions against Nazi Germany, is this what you are proposing?

In conclusion the main facts of my initial post remain:

  • The Trotskyist movement has no strategy and uses front organisations to leech off of, much in the same way Trotskyist sects leech off of other mass organisations in other countries.

  • The Trotskyist movement regurgitates cold war propaganda to facilitate it’s phantom Stalin horde theory

  • The Trotskyist movement has no long term strategy or plan and this is why it falls back on a) parasitically tying itself to other larger movements or b) doing the “whats next” meetings about various subjects in the world

  • The reason you have no long lasting campaigns of your own is because you have no mass

  • The Trotskyist movement does not present a materialist or dialectical assessment of society to the workers it claims to represent, your elected officials will lose their seats because the constituents will vote for establishment or rival “left” parties, what does that say about the class consciousness and supposed success of electoralism?

  • The Trotskyist movement performs one of the most common things Lenin wrote criticism on, it follows spontaneous working class inflammations rather than providing political leadership for long term class orientated struggles – that is why your stand alone activities and political work do not shift the balance of class forces, be it 6 TD’s or 0 TD’s.