Inevitable. Maybe not. The revolution, a revolution – our revolution is not inevitable. It is not a sure thing, it is not guaranteed, it is not promised. I have to fight for it. You have to fight for it. We have to fight for it. How can we fight when it seems overwhelming? Impossible almost. Easier to settle in to your day to day affairs and watch the seasons go by. Watch the leaves fall from the trees and do nothing but follow your own little life. Yes – it’s little. It’s little because there’s six million lives on the island that need you to do something and there’s your little life that needs those six million lives to do something too.


What’s that going to be? It has to be something better and more fulfilling than letting the hair on your head become grey and it will be. This fight is difficult, unprecedented even, not because of how hard it is, but because you’ve never fought it before. This fight is for the greatest right of all, the right to be human. The right to be human is the right to express yourself through all the means and ways around you, the right that is robbed of you by the suits. The suits are always there, sitting in their chairs with shadowy faces and extending their tendrils towards you so that they can rob you of your worth, rob of your hope, rob you of your colour and joy. This is how you become grey, this is how you lose it all, this is how you die. You think you can get the fragments of your life back but that’s impossible, impossible because the suits will draw on you until nothing is left of you, your children and their children after them.


We all yearn for the change, all six million of us. We are drawn to the fire that is Revolution, but we are afraid, we despair, we are fragile and let me tell you – that’s fine, we are human and we always feel. It is our strongest feelings of love for our fellow humans, our compassion for those hurting around us and our solidarity. Yearn for the change and set alight your wildest desires for the changes you desire on this island. That is where any of us begin, that is where I began. Give in to the feeling and follow it. Agitate your mind and question what is around you. Don’t answer the questions. Just question it all. Follow those emotions nimbly and when you’re ready to act on them.



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