Read these in 2020.


Thanks all for following my little blog for the last few years. It’s slowly grown bigger and my ideas have developed as I’ve written. This is the purpose of a blog I think and the benefits of hindsight. I urge anybody and everybody to sit down and write when they can.

#1 Revolutionary Suicide

Think everybody should read this book at least once, in my case, I feel like I read it once a year.  It is a journey of political development and one many young men can relate to (hopefully more than Jordan Peterson garbage).  The journey of somebody with no politics from a deprived community into a revolutionary capable of organising others and most importantly explaining society and the social phenomena of capitalism in digestible terms.


#2 The Reconquest of Ireland

If you haven’t read James Connolly, then you’re missing out and likely bordering on becoming a crusty. You need to read James Connolly.  The Reconquest of Ireland, while a little romantic, outlines the necessary struggle for the emancipation of the working class on a political, cultural and economic level. Also written in a highly digestible and easily read way.


#3 Foundations of Leninism

Sometimes starting off with Lenin is an arduous task. So start off with Stalin, who writes in an accessible and simplified manner. Foundations of Leninism summarises the ideas of Lenin into one handy pamphlet. It shouldn’t be used as the all talk, but more an introduction to Lenin and the growth and development of your ideas.


These are your mandatory reads for 2020. Two of them are available online, you’ll have to hunt down Huey P. Newton elsewhere.


Happy holidays!





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