Why wear a mask? They won’t stop COVID.

Why wear shoes? It won’t stop a bigger piece of glass.

Why wear hats? It won’t stop your head from getting cold.

Why wear gloves? They won’t keep your hands warm forever.

Why wear clothes? They won’t always keep you warm.

Why wear a seatbelt? You may crash anyway.

Why wash your hands? There is bacteria everywhere.

Why wipe your arse? You’ll need to go to the toilet anyway.


3 thoughts on “Why wear a mask? They won’t stop COVID.

  1. This is embarrassing. Why are three of these essentially the same thing about wearing clothes to stay warm? Seatbelts don’t exist to prevent crashing, they exist to reduce death/serious injuries /from/ crashing. That last line I will not even attempt to rationalise. I didn’t think it was possible but you have somehow succeeded in creating an argument that makes those in favour of face coverings look stupider than those who object.

    The point of wearing a mask is to better prevent infecting another person as it limits the spread of airborne particles you cough/sneeze out your mouth and nose. COVID-19 being a disease you can have asymptomatically, this obviously helps as a precautionary measure to prevent people spreading the disease unknowingly. Limiting the spread by having the population wear masks therefore makes a difference to infection rates, hospital capacity etc. That’s it, that’s all you had to say to make the point you are so inept at expressing here. Wearing a mask is about considering other people’s wellbeing as more important than your own, if you are someone who refuses to wear any face covering you therefore disagree with that and are loudly telling everyone your comfort is more important than their health, whether or not they can safely visit their families etc. It is not, and I cannot stress this enough, an expectation from people we need to rationalise by comparing it to how wearing clothes may not permanently make you feel warm even when you disrobe, but we wear them anyway.

    The fact this was written and you had the purest Dunning-Kruger confidence to post this banal cringe as yet another illuminating ‘reflection’ serves to highlight how thick you are.


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