Yellow Peril is Alive and Well in Ireland


In discussion with several comrades about the geopolitical re-alignment by the West against China, we noted an interesting survey from back in May. Before discussing the survey, this question should be posed to you to consider. Why are the bad guys in most films, the Russians? 

It’s something I noticed when first moving here and watching Hollywood films more often. The enemy, villain and horrible bad guy at the very end was always a Russian. Sometimes he had connections to the intelligence services, or the army, sometimes he didn’t, but he was always Russian.  As it turns out, there is actually substantial investigative journalism into the ties between the CIA, Pentagon and Hollywood. Many articles, ranging from fringe conspiracy websites to more mainstream websites have articles detailing the level of collaboration between these organisations. If you’re generally not familiar with politics, you might ask yourself why the CIA and the US military have a hand in film production.  This is where we get back to the survey about the Chinese government.  The West has continuously waged a cultural war against it’s political opponents. This isn’t a unique phenomenon to Russia or China, in fact, the British media used to do the same to Irish people.


The purpose of this constant sub-cultural demonisation is to dehumanise a certain country, delegitimise it’s government and create a sort of cultural cover for any military intervention or attack. It is effectively the same as calling certain countries leaders dictators, or authoritarian, as a justification for the inevitable NATO bombing campaign. This cultural warfare, ingrained into the movie industry has (to steal Chomsky’s line) manufactured consent among the Western people. The survey from May, merely underscores the successful penetration of anti-Chinese and anti-Communist propaganda in Ireland. Let’s dig into it.


In this graph, the question that is being measured is this: “In one word, how would you describe the Rise of China?”

Consider the top results. Worrying, frightening, dangerous, scary. All this terminology is deeply negative, but what is it rooted in? What is it that the People’s Republic of China has done in Ireland, or to Ireland, that warrants a fear among the population? Could it be that a constant bombardment in the newspapers, news channels and social media about ‘evil, authoritarian and godless China’ has finally sunk in?

Distrust to the point of farce

The next survey, I thought, was the most ridiculious. The question that was asked was “Please indicate to what extent you trust the following…”

More people in Ireland indicated that they mistrust the British government, the US government and European Commission less than they mistrust the Chinese government.  Think about that for a moment. More people in Ireland mistrust the Chinese government, which has never done anything to Ireland, than the state that occupied, partitioned, invaded and ethnically cleansed Ireland.  

More people indicated that they trusted the European Commission, the same entity that played a role in the brutal imposition of austerity in Ireland, over the Chinese government.. Which has done nothing nothing to the people of Ireland.

More people indicated trust for the US government than mistrust. The US government which operates secret torture centers all over the world, assassinates democratically elected leaders, invades other countries based on lies and uses Shannon Airport to do its dirty deeds, yet again – people in Ireland indicate that their level of trust for this government is greater than that of the Chinese government, which doesn’t do any of the above.

Favourable versus unfavourable

The next question asked whether the poller viewed China favourably or unfavourably. Here are the results:

Once more, a significant proportion of those polled indicated they viewed China unfavourably.


The central question that one should ask when considering this survey is this: What has led people in Ireland to hold these views? The theory I would put forward is the same one that has created the anti-Russian sub-culture in the West. Through a concerted effort by Western newspapers and news channel, they have successfully implanted the Yellow Peril in the mentality of people in Ireland. The role of Communists should be to put forward a clear position against this yellow peril nonsense in conjunction with an anti-imperialist pro-peace position. We should not allow the papers and media to cultivate fear among the people of Ireland against a government that has never done anything to them.

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