Necessity of Socialism.

Socialism is not a distant dream that cannot be unrecognised. Socialism should not be confused with ‘social democracy’, it is NOT an accommodation of capitalism. It is not a foreign fairy tale that we do not comprehend. It is a very real, concrete solution to the problems stemming from capitalism that are crippling our society. We experience the benefits of living in that part of the world which with advanced weapons, banks and technology intimidates and imposes itself on the smaller and weaker countries. Then, even ironically, we live in a very modern Irish state that is itself subjugated to the same exploitative relationship three times over!

At first, we have the immediate power of British finance capital, which has for long been virtually unchallenged in Ireland. In tandem with the dominating nature of British capital, we have British political and military occupation in six counties in Ireland. Yet as the tide of nationalism shifts for small nations such as Scotland, even the question of continued partition and occupation begins to be heard louder in the parliaments of these island nations.

Secondly, we have the almost overwhelmingly power of American finance capital. Carefully introduced in a series of tax incentive measures, multinationals have flocked to Ireland, either physically or simply to register and avoid the payment of taxation and created economic contradictions all over. It can be plainly said that where the multinationals go, the cost of living explodes. American finance capital characterized by a variety of multinationals has helped wreck the traditionally strong Union membership in Ireland and helped crystallize the entrepreneurial myth in our culture. It is a blemish upon our society and is only here to use us. To think that either the American state, or the dozens of multinationals that settle here have an interest in Ireland or the Irish is to delude oneself. As soon the fundamental goal of obtaining greater earnings and profit is gone, so too is the multinational which we should praise. Packing up and fleeing the country while leaving the locality that it chose to temporarily occupy in a desolated way.

Thirdly we must consider the role of the European Union in the affairs of the Irish economy and therefore society. The liberal will inform you that the European Union has done great deeds for Ireland, promoted positive cultural values and helped workers rights. Yet none of this bears any objective weight in reality. It is true that when Ireland joined the EEC, the infrastructure in Ireland was underdeveloped, lacking and behind other European countries. We have however been lead to believe that this some sort of failure of the Irish people for being too slow, being too far behind or being underdeveloped primitives. This condescending attitude is not too dissimilar from the British Imperial view of the Irish who were, incapable of ruling themselves.

In truth, the labouring classes of Ireland have never had the opportunity to government themselves and the economic backwardness of Ireland in 1973 falls squarely on the parasitical governments that succeeded one after the other since 1922. In the failures of these governments to address key socio-economic questions while only cementing and reinforcing the imbalance of wealth concentration they could not provide for their own population. In fact, the establishment parties regularly resorted to the same measures the British Empire did during it’s complete domination of Ireland. Measures that the capitalist parties do not shirk away from taking today either.

Decade after decade, the term Socialism has been eradicated from the minds, words and culture of the working class. It has been turned into a dirty word and the very people who need it the most have been taught to hate it. The ruling class have written their own history, their own volumes of education and their own raw and unhindered ideology. We have, as the peasants and serfs of Ireland of old been forcefully subscribed to it without input of our own and generation after generation we have continued to reproduce the values that are alien to us, the values of the capitalist parasitical class.

Much like the word Socialism has been tainted and abandoned by those who once were is advocates. What has been invented to replace it and to create a false elevation is ‘middle class’. As if owning some commodities makes you any more relevant to the great industrialists and bankers! Yet never the less, the term ‘working class’ has faded away as if it does not exist. In spite of this, the majority of the ‘middle class’ still must sell their labour to survive and still have no meaningful impact on the political decision making process of their society.

However I strongly feel that the conditions of Ireland have changed. The debate on independence has stimulated some thought, but it is not enough. Can a servant aspire to more if it is only the life of service they are accustomed to? Here the necessity of Socialism becomes ever greater and ever more demanding. It does not become a simple question of whether we need it or not, but how soon we should begin the struggle for it. The battle for Socialism must take place in the melting places of the future generations, where young workers, school students and university congregate. That is where our battle for Socialism must place, to those who have not already fallen victim to the countless lies and falsehoods given to them. To those who still dare to dream for a better future as idealists, rather than conform to the reality that they will spend the majority of their life, chained in employment and on the rarity enjoying sporadic bursts of freedom that their employer can afford them.

Many conceive a better world they have never experienced and a fairer and more equal society. Yet their dreams and aspirations are cast off as unrealistic or unachievable. I can certainly say that our dreams are everything but unrealistic, for it is the task of every young Marxist in Ireland to be able to solidify their aspirations with concrete material based analysis. We do not just talk about our objective to entice and to lure, we talk about it to create a long lasting flagship for Socialism that will penetrate the generational divide.

We do not have a vision devoid of any practical application in achieving it. We have a vision, cemented by decades of political struggle internationally and domestically and we will pursue it. Our goal is to democratize our society, from root to bulb, where the mechanisms of state power represent only the interests the majority; the worker. As a result of pursuing this dream, worker is inevitably destined for a collision with the capitalist class and the relationship they live off; their right to exploit us all. To rob us of our livelihood, to empty our pockets and to bleed us dry for all we are worth. We challenge the divine right to rule that the capitalist class have anointed upon themselves and develop a movement capable of smashing it!

Thrust upon those struggling for a better world is the necessity to fight for Socialism. This necessity comes about as the poverty that the capitalist class force on it’s own population becomes unbearable and inescapable, grinding down upon every demographic of the population irrespective of gender, race or nationality. It is time we evaluated the practicalities of constructing a Socialist society in Ireland.

Socialism in Ireland will look different to Socialism in many other countries around the world but it will certainly share one thing in common, the ownership of the land, seas, air and industries of Ireland, by the people of Ireland. We have the technological capacity to produce our own food, to manufacture our own goods and to control our own territories. We are not primitive savages and we are not barbarians unlearned in the ways of democracy. In focusing on the ownership of the means of production and industry, we will be able to self-regulate our progress as well as presented programs that would go in tandem with the growth of our population for instance.

A Socialist society is where the key objective is to benefit, empower and enrich the population rather than those who sell on to the rest of the population. We want no middle-men, haggling for the proceeds that they rip out of our ground or harvest from our seas. In our struggle for social, economic and political independence we will build our 32 County Socialist Workers Republic and smash the boundaries and regulations written up by the parasitical exploiting class!

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